Jenni and Hazel had their first joint swimming class today. It will likely be the only session they will be able to participate in the same class. Regardless, it went very well!

Jenni had a great time with her new instructor and Hazel had a great time introducing her sister to everyone (although they already knew her).

I’m not sure having them together makes it any easier then when they were back-to-back. But, luckily, there is child care for Martin as well! At the end of it all, we were there just as long as when they swim back-to-back, but I did get a lovely 30 minutes to sit by myself!

The girls had a great time and Martin was totally fine, until the end when he realized he had been alone for a while and when he realized he was tired. I figured his thought process went something like this, “hum, where is everyone? Where are those two girls? Where’s my mom? Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, they’ve all left me!”

Jenni and Hazel were both sad they didn’t get to stay and play in the child care centre! Of all the exciting things, someone else’s toys always are the best!

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