Who has time for dates?

JD and I have 3 and relatively soon-to-be 4 kids. We have like 0 time for dates. I can count on 1 hand how many times we've been out in, the last year? Our last date was going bowling with my siblings a few weeks ago. It was super fun! Honestly, I can't remember the... Continue Reading →

Montreal on a Budget!

My husband was on vacation for the last couple of weeks, which was amazing, and we decided to take a small trip to Montreal. With me being on maternity leave, we don't have a ton of extra cash so we tried to spend as little as possible. We found a lovely little budget hotel, Abri... Continue Reading →

Worlds is Tomorrow!

I'm so excited to watch Jenni compete tomorrow and introduce Hazel to Cheerleading competitions! Here's hoping she agrees with the experience! We are ready with her protective headphones and teal onesie! GO SHARKS! GO AUNTIE JENN!

And here we go!

And we are off on the 1273 miles to go! The car is stuffed, everyone is in, and Hazel is cooperating and taking her morning nap (hopefully it's a long one)! My dad is going to try and drive, at least halfway today (I am apparently not driving... I understand my mom, but me?). Wish... Continue Reading →

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