Play Doh!

Jennifer's favourite thing is play doh, no question. She would (and does) play with play doh for hours! Did you know that play doh makes shape and learn kits? (Spoiler, it does!) There was a sale over the summer so I picked up a couple of kits for Jennifer to help with our "homeschooling". The... Continue Reading →


As you know, we do a lot of reading in our house. I believe in the research that shows how important reading is for young children. As you also know, we've been working on Hazel starting to read. She's still not super excited about it, which seems strange to me, but I can get her... Continue Reading →

Letters and Numbers

Hazel started Math Explorers at the Pickering Rec Centre this week. It's a program for 4-6 year olds. Miss Charlene is amazing. Hazel did the Kindergarden's Coming program last year, and what she accomplishes with the children is amazing! (Jenni starts this week!) Hazel did well, but we've been spending a lot of time on... Continue Reading →

Independence for all

We try to promote the kids being as independent as possible. They have "responsibilities" like putting away their shoes, getting themselves dresses, little things that show us, and more importantly, them, what they can do. In reality a lot of it stems from there being so many of them! If I had to dress everyone,... Continue Reading →

Learning to Read

I've started to work, specifically, on Hazel learning to read. She can recognize all her letters, loves listening to stories, and is doing really well with comprehension. But she seems less than interested in trying to read words. Anyway, I push on! I'm using a few different book sets: Scholastics First Little Readers This is... Continue Reading →


I like quick crafts, things that don't require much attention nor clean up. That lead to last week's Thursday activity! I had to cut out 12 piece per girl and set them up with glue. We used paint brushes instead of the bottle or sticks. The girls had a good time, and I didn't have... Continue Reading →

Ee is for elephant

The girls practised cutting, pasting and talking about Ee today. Which resulted in us making elephants yesterday after gymnastics. Jenni can now hold the scissors, but not really cut. And Hazel is developing her precision more each time she practices. After lunch and quiet time, we did our religion class. We recently decided not to... Continue Reading →

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