Lighting Fixture!

So it was 2 years ago that we started the kitchen, and 2.5 years ago that we stared the main part of the house. But with plans to raise the house, not everything was finished so that we didn't have a bunch of fixes to do after. One of those things was the "nest" for... Continue Reading →

So much stuff

As you know, we have 3 kids, soon to be 4, and that means we have a lot of stuff. I'm not sure why, or how,but it seems to grow all the time! I try to declutter and donate things that are in good shape often, from clothes to toys to whatever else we can... Continue Reading →

Here we go again – renovations!

In our house we have a, well, five (more like seven) year renovation plan. This year, we tossed up raising the house, and ultimately decided it was not the right time. This lead to my husband getting the itchy feeling of what can we do now, fast forward two short weeks, and there are no... Continue Reading →

Nursery Again

So after a few days of cleaning and moving Hazel into her new room (and naps and bedtime going well - didn't want to move the crib up until we were sure she was staying in the new room), the nursery is set up again for the baby.There are newborn clothes are in the drawer... Continue Reading →

With the new baby coming, we've embarked on a new renovation, Hazel's new room! When we did the nursery, that was it, babies go in that room, so yay, designing a new room for my one year old. Her new room will be red and teal with dark floors and white furniture. So the walls... Continue Reading →

Renovations – Laundry Room

This weekend we started another renovation, the laundry room... I'm starting to notice a trend that the rooms I really want to do get done first. That being said, our laundry room is pretty, well not pretty (see photos below!). The pictures already have a bit of work done. The first step is emptying out... Continue Reading →

Renovations – Nursery

It was October 2012 that JD and I moved into our first home, which needed a lot of work... To say the least, almost every room had wallpaper and paneling (oh it's so nice...) and the bathrooms! Oh the bathrooms, the only full bath was completely pink and had carpet. It was a good looking... Continue Reading →

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