Reading Websites/Apps?

I've been documenting our reading journey with Hazel, it's slow going, but going. This doesn't seem to have the same spot in here memory as everything else that we've done. I personally just think she likes to be read to. As I've been talking to people (read, teacher friends - love me some teacher friends!),... Continue Reading →

Learning to Read

I've started to work, specifically, on Hazel learning to read. She can recognize all her letters, loves listening to stories, and is doing really well with comprehension. But she seems less than interested in trying to read words. Anyway, I push on! I'm using a few different book sets: Scholastics First Little Readers This is... Continue Reading →

Favourite toys

I figured it was a good day to have the kids pick out their favourite toys and tell me why it's their favourite. Jenni's pickI second this, she always has a dolly or baby that she's pushing around. She can be going shopping or on her way to work and she'll make sure she lets... Continue Reading →

Silence is beautiful…

...but not between the hours of 7am and 7pm. Hazel, my toddler (almost a year and a half), pretty much has her walk of the house. Rooms she isn't supposed to go in have closed doors all day and cabinets have safety locks (sometimes the food cabinet stays open, but it's easy to hear rustle... Continue Reading →

New book series! 

So, I love to read, always have, I think I always will! A while ago I wrote about a favourite series of mine, Vampire Academy. I just re-read the entire series (took me a while, but the last book still only took 2-3 days, with two kids under 1.5) and still loved it. So, time... Continue Reading →

Chewing, chewing, chewing…

Oh my goodness, Hazel has taken to chewing everything! Books, pens, toys, anything! Honestly I think she would chew on Jennifer if I would let her (trust me I won't)! She always starts when I'm sitting down to nurse Jennifer or as she is falling asleep, making it difficult to jump up and take it.... Continue Reading →

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