Play Doh!

Jennifer's favourite thing is play doh, no question. She would (and does) play with play doh for hours! Did you know that play doh makes shape and learn kits? (Spoiler, it does!) There was a sale over the summer so I picked up a couple of kits for Jennifer to help with our "homeschooling". The... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Preschool

So,Hazel started school today (first, 3 kids is so much easier than four). Which means Jenni started homeschool preschool! She will go to a kindergarten's coming program once a week (2.25 hours) at the rec centre, but I'll be doing more structured work with her as she's not going to a regular preschool program. (JD... Continue Reading →

Two months!

It's hard to believe we're a week away from having a 2 month old, a 17 month old, an almost 3.5 year old, and a 4.5 year old! Everyone is doing well! Including me and JD. Not everyday is easy, but we've got a good routine starting and all the kids are getting a good... Continue Reading →


As you know, we do a lot of reading in our house. I believe in the research that shows how important reading is for young children. As you also know, we've been working on Hazel starting to read. She's still not super excited about it, which seems strange to me, but I can get her... Continue Reading →

Naps are needed

Oh if only I could get all my kids to nap! It's a successful day if 2 nap at the same time. Yesterday, three, that's right three, napped at the same time! Jenni, Martin and Eleanor. What an exciting day!

Park, park, park!

Yay! Park season is here! Just what every child needs. We headed to the park right after swimming for a picnic and play time. Everyone had a great time, including Martin who was ready for a nap. Likely, Martin, Jenni and I will be back at the park while Hazel participates in Math Explores this... Continue Reading →

Van reconfiguration

So the time came, where it made sense to change up the back seats to fit a a 4th car seat. This involved bringing up the extra captains chair that we've not been using. Also, because it's my birthday next week, and Mother's Day the week after that, I asked JD to clean the van... Continue Reading →

Letters and Numbers

Hazel started Math Explorers at the Pickering Rec Centre this week. It's a program for 4-6 year olds. Miss Charlene is amazing. Hazel did the Kindergarden's Coming program last year, and what she accomplishes with the children is amazing! (Jenni starts this week!) Hazel did well, but we've been spending a lot of time on... Continue Reading →

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