An American in Paris

Yes, you may have seen the movie, but have you seen the stage show? I have, I saw it last night as one of the remaining shows in my 2017/18 Mirvish Subscription. Also known as, mommy's alone date night! The show was lovely. Visually stimulating and the dancing? Forget about it! The strength and grace... Continue Reading →

We do go out!

Things I love about Facebook memories: I get to see even smaller versions of my kids - if it's possible, they were more cute (and likely less annoying) I get proof that I used to be fun from time-to-time! This week, I had the last, going to say, "real" date that JD and I had... Continue Reading →

Come From Away

I have a Mirvish Subscription, I love it, I see shows I wouldn't normally see, and I get to sit, in silence, for 2-3 hours, by myself, SEVEN times a year! It is absolutely glorious. But in all honesty, I just love live theatre. There is really nothing like it. At Christmas, we purchased tickets... Continue Reading →

Ee is for elephant

The girls practised cutting, pasting and talking about Ee today. Which resulted in us making elephants yesterday after gymnastics. Jenni can now hold the scissors, but not really cut. And Hazel is developing her precision more each time she practices. After lunch and quiet time, we did our religion class. We recently decided not to... Continue Reading →

Titanic the Musical

last night was my first long night out, childless (and husband-less). I went to see Titanic the Musical at Princess of Wales Theatre as part of my Mirvish Subscription package for 2014/2015. It was a great show (a long show, especially when you have a two month, exclusively breastfed baby at home). The ensemble cast... Continue Reading →

More Guest Blogging!

I'm happy to post that I've had two guest blog posts since my last one! Take a look here at them 🙂 Practising with a Toddler Lessons While Working Full-Time Let me know your thoughts!

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