Eat outside!

One of my favourite things about this time of year is everything can be done outside. Like, eating! And that means less clean up inside. Whether a warm day like today or a rainy day, we have options to eat outside if we want! The great big carport makes that possible. So the girls get... Continue Reading →

Freezer Meals

It's time, to make freezer meals! A few times a year I make a bunch of freezer meals for when we're busy (or lazy). Plus with the baby coming, it makes a lot of sense to have a few extras. Here are a bunch of recipes I'm going to try. Meat: Frozen Burritos - Not Your... Continue Reading →

But it’s hard!

I've been working with Martin to get him to start using utensils. We follow baby-led feeding with the kiddos so they don't get purees just food they can pick up and feed them-self as soon as they start. Yes, it makes a big mess (Django loves it). Yes, very quickly baby eats exactly what we're... Continue Reading →

Last at the dinner table

It doesn't matter what we are having, Jennifer is always the last at the table. And that's saying something because JD is a slow eater! She takes her sweet time, chewing every bite so much, I'm convinced any other human would gag! Not only is she slow, but she's like a gong show at the... Continue Reading →

Sundays are for Pancakes

Well, this Sunday was for pancakes. Which means, the best pancakes ever, actually ever. They are super fluffy and, more importantly, yummy! All three of the kids were helping me, and then eating them as soon as they were ready! You can find the link to the recipe I use here! 2 cups all-purpose flour... Continue Reading →

28 weeks pregnant

Third trimester! Huzzah! I'm almost at my favourite point of pregnancy, where I get to count down the number of times I'm going to clean the bathroom before the baby comes - yes this is a thing and with 2 kids who use the bathroom all day and a third in diapers, it happens multiple... Continue Reading →

March Dinner Planning

I finished last week my dinner planning for this month. A few things I learned from the first two months of 2018. Don't underestimate the need for leftover days! Which is amazing, because it's less cooking for me, and less waste! Don't try too many new things, the kids don't seem to mind, but it's... Continue Reading →

New neigbhourhood boundaries?

Let's not play pretend, we are all parenting and living in a very different world then we grew up in. Streetlights don't mean it's time to come in and who knows their neighbour all the way down the street? We are very lucky, we have some great neighbours on our street, that know our names... Continue Reading →

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