Park, park, park!

Yay! Park season is here! Just what every child needs. We headed to the park right after swimming for a picnic and play time. Everyone had a great time, including Martin who was ready for a nap. Likely, Martin, Jenni and I will be back at the park while Hazel participates in Math Explores this... Continue Reading →

Letters and Numbers

Hazel started Math Explorers at the Pickering Rec Centre this week. It's a program for 4-6 year olds. Miss Charlene is amazing. Hazel did the Kindergarden's Coming program last year, and what she accomplishes with the children is amazing! (Jenni starts this week!) Hazel did well, but we've been spending a lot of time on... Continue Reading →

Independence for all

We try to promote the kids being as independent as possible. They have "responsibilities" like putting away their shoes, getting themselves dresses, little things that show us, and more importantly, them, what they can do. In reality a lot of it stems from there being so many of them! If I had to dress everyone,... Continue Reading →

What are you doing?

One of the greatest thing about having 3 kids that are all very young is that they like to play together! Not always, but more often than not, if I'm cleaning, or cooking, I can look up and yell "where is everyone?" and they are all together in the girls room (the more likely yell... Continue Reading →

We’re all thumbs?

It's not true, we're not all thumb, but Jenni and Martin, are. Well... were! Both Martin and Jenni were born sucking their thumbs - yes this is an exaggeration, but very quickly we figured out that any sort of swaddling wasn't great for us as they wanted their thumbs! We believe in survival, and I'm... Continue Reading →

Reading Websites/Apps?

I've been documenting our reading journey with Hazel, it's slow going, but going. This doesn't seem to have the same spot in here memory as everything else that we've done. I personally just think she likes to be read to. As I've been talking to people (read, teacher friends - love me some teacher friends!),... Continue Reading →

Adorable things

During the week, nay adorable things happen in my house from smiles from Martin to Jenni's "I'M AWAKE" after her nap. One of my favourite things to watch is the kids playing together. Tuesday, Jenni and Hazel were playing "school" they took turns being the teacher and the student. The general format was: Teacher: "Who... Continue Reading →

Cleaning machine

It only takes 5 minutes to destroy my house.... here it is partially cleaned up from the morning. But that's ok because the kids do help clean up most of the time! Someone's got to sweep mom!

Learning to Read

I've started to work, specifically, on Hazel learning to read. She can recognize all her letters, loves listening to stories, and is doing really well with comprehension. But she seems less than interested in trying to read words. Anyway, I push on! I'm using a few different book sets: Scholastics First Little Readers This is... Continue Reading →

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