Party of six?!?!

I was just scrolling through my insta feed when one of the handles had "... party of six" as part of their handle. I thought wow, that's something... wait... that's my family! Eleanor is still little so I've yet to say party of six, plus taking 4 kids, under 4.5, anywhere where they'd need to... Continue Reading →

Anxiety… My Story

So, a woman that is a member of an online community I'm part of inspired me yesterday to share my story with anxiety. To her I would like to say thank you. Not many people know this but I've had anxiety and depression and wanted to share a bit of my story, hopefully to help... Continue Reading →

The O’Learys

As promised here is a little introduction to my family! There is me, Theresa, now also known as Momma. I met JD at the University of Waterloo in 2009 and married August 18, 2012. We brought home Django, our Australian Shepherd x Australian Cattle Dog Family Day 2013, and boy was he a handful! Both... Continue Reading →

And we’re off!

Blogging isn't something I've aspired to do, however, I wanted to try it out and see how it goes! The point of my blog is to record my thoughts, share some interesting things I find, and write some real stories down about being a mom, wife, and woman. To get started here are some facts... Continue Reading →

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