Who has time for dates?

JD and I have 3 and relatively soon-to-be 4 kids. We have like 0 time for dates. I can count on 1 hand how many times we've been out in, the last year? Our last date was going bowling with my siblings a few weeks ago. It was super fun! Honestly, I can't remember the... Continue Reading →

Favourite toys

I figured it was a good day to have the kids pick out their favourite toys and tell me why it's their favourite. Jenni's pickI second this, she always has a dolly or baby that she's pushing around. She can be going shopping or on her way to work and she'll make sure she lets... Continue Reading →

Here we go again – renovations!

In our house we have a, well, five (more like seven) year renovation plan. This year, we tossed up raising the house, and ultimately decided it was not the right time. This lead to my husband getting the itchy feeling of what can we do now, fast forward two short weeks, and there are no... Continue Reading →


Generally, when I bring out the colour supplies, things go like this... Mommy: "Hazel would you like to colour Sophia or Hello Kitty?" Hazel: no response but scream because the colouring items aren't out yet. Mommy: "Ok, both it is!" Hazel: waiting by the table, tapping her toe (ok no tapping yet, you caught me).... Continue Reading →

Back at the tutoring game!

With the birth of Jennifer, I took some time off of all the part-time jobs I work, one of which is my tutoring business. Those of you who know me know I am very proud of my Bachelor of Mathematics from the Unicersity of Waterloo, and being at home, tutoring seemed like a logical thing!... Continue Reading →

Titanic the Musical

last night was my first long night out, childless (and husband-less). I went to see Titanic the Musical at Princess of Wales Theatre as part of my Mirvish Subscription package for 2014/2015. It was a great show (a long show, especially when you have a two month, exclusively breastfed baby at home). The ensemble cast... Continue Reading →

New book series! 

So, I love to read, always have, I think I always will! A while ago I wrote about a favourite series of mine, Vampire Academy. I just re-read the entire series (took me a while, but the last book still only took 2-3 days, with two kids under 1.5) and still loved it. So, time... Continue Reading →

More Guest Blogging!

I'm happy to post that I've had two guest blog posts since my last one! Take a look here at them 🙂 Practising with a Toddler Lessons While Working Full-Time Let me know your thoughts!

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