Country Heat workout

30 day ago I started Country Heat. It's a Beachbody On Demand workout program. I'm happy to say I've completed it (well mostly), as a jump off point back into fitness. I say mostly, because I stared back at it when Eleanor was 3 weeks old, so I took it easy, and ramped up as... Continue Reading →

Eat outside!

One of my favourite things about this time of year is everything can be done outside. Like, eating! And that means less clean up inside. Whether a warm day like today or a rainy day, we have options to eat outside if we want! The great big carport makes that possible. So the girls get... Continue Reading →

Park, park, park!

Yay! Park season is here! Just what every child needs. We headed to the park right after swimming for a picnic and play time. Everyone had a great time, including Martin who was ready for a nap. Likely, Martin, Jenni and I will be back at the park while Hazel participates in Math Explores this... Continue Reading →

It’s the little things Fitbit…

I generally wear my Fitbit all day everyday (I charge it while I bathe). It doesn't really motivate me to move more (neither does the Carrot app, but I'll take the Scene points!), especially at 35 weeks pregnant. But I like tracking my workouts and seeing the trends. I have a Charge HR2 which is... Continue Reading →

An American in Paris

Yes, you may have seen the movie, but have you seen the stage show? I have, I saw it last night as one of the remaining shows in my 2017/18 Mirvish Subscription. Also known as, mommy's alone date night! The show was lovely. Visually stimulating and the dancing? Forget about it! The strength and grace... Continue Reading →

Nesting the fourth time

It's starting to like like nesting for this baby is going to be the most house-wide organizational! With the other three it was primarily getting the nursery ready, and then sometime, around 36 weeks, doing a really good clean, and then just keeping the house at that level of clean (please note, with 3 children... Continue Reading →

Throwback today!

Look at how little Hazel is, this is from two years ago when we moved Jenni into her big girl car seat. So many things have changed! 1) The truck is gone 2) Hazel doesn't look like a baby 3) Hazel forward faces in a 5point harness (Martin is in her convertible seat now). While... Continue Reading →

Kleenex shares and #momtruth

I have three children with colds, and I myself have a cold. Colds are gross enough as an adult, but little humans are down right disgusting #momtruth. There is snot everywhere, all the time! Everyone is a non-stop faucet! And the girls know how to blow their noses, but do they? No! They just blow... Continue Reading →

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