Freezer Meals

It's time, to make freezer meals! A few times a year I make a bunch of freezer meals for when we're busy (or lazy). Plus with the baby coming, it makes a lot of sense to have a few extras. Here are a bunch of recipes I'm going to try. Meat: Frozen Burritos - Not Your... Continue Reading →

We do go out!

Things I love about Facebook memories: I get to see even smaller versions of my kids - if it's possible, they were more cute (and likely less annoying) I get proof that I used to be fun from time-to-time! This week, I had the last, going to say, "real" date that JD and I had... Continue Reading →

Last at the dinner table

It doesn't matter what we are having, Jennifer is always the last at the table. And that's saying something because JD is a slow eater! She takes her sweet time, chewing every bite so much, I'm convinced any other human would gag! Not only is she slow, but she's like a gong show at the... Continue Reading →

March Dinner Planning

I finished last week my dinner planning for this month. A few things I learned from the first two months of 2018. Don't underestimate the need for leftover days! Which is amazing, because it's less cooking for me, and less waste! Don't try too many new things, the kids don't seem to mind, but it's... Continue Reading →

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