We do go out!

Things I love about Facebook memories: I get to see even smaller versions of my kids - if it's possible, they were more cute (and likely less annoying) I get proof that I used to be fun from time-to-time! This week, I had the last, going to say, "real" date that JD and I had... Continue Reading →


Last month we finally broke and got Netflix. Well I actually cancelled a bunch of our cable TV and got Netflix to take the place of it (I'm actually saving tens of dollars a month). It's great having a bunch of kids shows that just keep playing (Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Llama Llama, anyone?),... Continue Reading →

Back at the tutoring game!

With the birth of Jennifer, I took some time off of all the part-time jobs I work, one of which is my tutoring business. Those of you who know me know I am very proud of my Bachelor of Mathematics from the Unicersity of Waterloo, and being at home, tutoring seemed like a logical thing!... Continue Reading →

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