Nesting the fourth time

It's starting to like like nesting for this baby is going to be the most house-wide organizational! With the other three it was primarily getting the nursery ready, and then sometime, around 36 weeks, doing a really good clean, and then just keeping the house at that level of clean (please note, with 3 children... Continue Reading →

Does it ever end?

So if you follow along here, you know I like to be a pretty organized person, I'm not always successful at it, but I'm pretty good. I keep an electronic calendar that is shared with JD, a paper planner (don't get me started on it, I will gush), and then an overall calendar on the... Continue Reading →

24 Weeks Pregnant

One day away from 15 weeks to go, wow that was fast! This pregnancy is tiring, or maybe it's the other kids? Likely it's the other kids, and work, and renos, and the other kids. Martin is now walking, and doing so very quickly! Which means he's more likely and is, knocked over every day.... Continue Reading →

Hazel’s Birth Story

I've been meaning to write this down, so what better way then to put it on my blog. On December 31, 2013,  I was up waiting for the ball to drop, watching the Step Up series (W Network was showing a marathon), wondering when my baby was coming and who would win the pool of... Continue Reading →

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