Yoga is where it’s at

I'm now (almost) 30 weeks pregnant with baby 4. Pregnancies 3 and 4 have had more aches and pains than the first two. Generally, I put that to the other children, not my aging body - I mean come on, I'm not 30, yet! I'm finding that my back is quite sore these days if... Continue Reading →

24 Weeks Pregnant

One day away from 15 weeks to go, wow that was fast! This pregnancy is tiring, or maybe it's the other kids? Likely it's the other kids, and work, and renos, and the other kids. Martin is now walking, and doing so very quickly! Which means he's more likely and is, knocked over every day.... Continue Reading →

Pickering Farmers Market

On Tuesday, I took the girls to the Pickering Town Centre Farmers Market - it was super fun and quite the adventure. I was still without a stroller (it arrived later that day), but off we went! I packed a wrap for Jennifer and though the SSC (Ergo) was in the truck. Low and behold,... Continue Reading →

Time to get in shape

Gah, body shape, so annoying, why can't we just think one shape and be it! So much harder to eat healthy and work out. Oh well! Every few months I write a post about what I'm doing to get in shape / be healthier, so here we go! I've joined a fb group with Moms... Continue Reading →

Parks, Parks, and more Parks!

Oh my goodness, Hazel has become a little park rat! She love it! Slides, stairs, climbing, swings, running, you name it, she does it all (and does it all well)! As I said in my last blog, I'm helping a friend do reviews on playgrounds in Durham Region, it's been a lot of fun, and... Continue Reading →

Six weeks? How time flies!

I can't believe Jennifer is over six weeks old, how time flies! Just like after Hazel was born, I can't imagine life without her.  The first six weeks with Jennifer were easier than when I had Hazel. Already having one I think makes the transition easier, it's not so unfathomable that a being is completely... Continue Reading →

Hazel the Cheerleader!

Well... not exactly. Last night I started with Ultimate Canadian Cheer (UCC) as a pre-comp coach. Goodness it is great to be back in the gym! The kids, are great! The other staff members (that I've met) are fantastic! And I was able to bring Hazel in a carrier (yay babywearing). Hazel did a great... Continue Reading →

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