Cloth Diapers with 2 kids, again…

One of the reason JD and I decided to have kids close together was to never get out of the diapering phase. Little did we know, Hazel and Jennifer had different plans. Hazel fully potty trained by 2.5 and Jenni was done before she was 19 months - disclaimer, we had nothing to do with... Continue Reading →

Van reconfiguration

So the time came, where it made sense to change up the back seats to fit a a 4th car seat. This involved bringing up the extra captains chair that we've not been using. Also, because it's my birthday next week, and Mother's Day the week after that, I asked JD to clean the van... Continue Reading →

Ikea Pick Up Points

So, I'm an Ikea fan, as evidence that I took all three kiddos to Ikea last week by myself... anyway, I've never used a pick up point, why not go an browse? (No there is no Smallville for my kids, Hazel is the only one old enough so I can't drop here off and not... Continue Reading →

So much clothing!

It was just about two months ago that I went through the kids clothes and cleaned up. Yet, here we are heading into a new season (we'll we're hopefully finishing second winter), and I'm back at it! I went through their clothing in between as well, but there is constantly so much! Every time I... Continue Reading →

Throwback today!

Look at how little Hazel is, this is from two years ago when we moved Jenni into her big girl car seat. So many things have changed! 1) The truck is gone 2) Hazel doesn't look like a baby 3) Hazel forward faces in a 5point harness (Martin is in her convertible seat now). While... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you have to wear a crown

I'm not super girly (I like dressing up from time-to-time), but I'm jeans a a sweater or t-shirt through and through. Regardless, Hazel has decided she must wear a dress, daily, likes wearing her hair in braids, jewelry, and so on. Jenni like to dress up, but I think that's just the princess dresses in... Continue Reading →

Cleaning machine

It only takes 5 minutes to destroy my house.... here it is partially cleaned up from the morning. But that's ok because the kids do help clean up most of the time! Someone's got to sweep mom!

Favourite toys

I figured it was a good day to have the kids pick out their favourite toys and tell me why it's their favourite. Jenni's pickI second this, she always has a dolly or baby that she's pushing around. She can be going shopping or on her way to work and she'll make sure she lets... Continue Reading →

Chewing, chewing, chewing…

Oh my goodness, Hazel has taken to chewing everything! Books, pens, toys, anything! Honestly I think she would chew on Jennifer if I would let her (trust me I won't)! She always starts when I'm sitting down to nurse Jennifer or as she is falling asleep, making it difficult to jump up and take it.... Continue Reading →

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