Nesting the fourth time

It's starting to like like nesting for this baby is going to be the most house-wide organizational! With the other three it was primarily getting the nursery ready, and then sometime, around 36 weeks, doing a really good clean, and then just keeping the house at that level of clean (please note, with 3 children... Continue Reading →


Normally I make a healthy resolution, and there are specific goals and I do well on them. But generally, I find something is missing. I generally work out 5-6 days a week, plus run around after my kids. I eat fairly well, but still, felt a little sideways, or off-balance if you will. So in... Continue Reading →

Anxiety… My Story

So, a woman that is a member of an online community I'm part of inspired me yesterday to share my story with anxiety. To her I would like to say thank you. Not many people know this but I've had anxiety and depression and wanted to share a bit of my story, hopefully to help... Continue Reading →

First Night Out…

Hazel turned three months on the second of April... And what did Mommy do? Go see a Mirvish Show (Arrabal) that she forgot she had a ticket to. How much anxiety did I have about leaving her for 5 hours? A ridiculous amount! Daddy has spent a total of 1.5 hours alone with her. Even... Continue Reading →

Where did the first 12 weeks go???

I can't believe that as of yesterday, Hazel has been in our lives for 12 weeks. I can't remember a time without her in our lives! She has such a personality already and is a lot like Mommy (sorry JD). Hazel giggles, smiles, sings and *rolls over (infrequently and only front to back). She likes... Continue Reading →

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