Dinner tonight

I like to experiment with different recipients, tonight was One Pan Mexican Quinoa. Oh my, what a yummy dish! Martin really liked it, Hazel did alright, and Jenni complained at the look of it. I try to cook non-meat meals a few times a week. As this isn't our "normal" it's where I experiment the... Continue Reading →


We have two puzzles that I love, Melissa & Doug's self-correcting alphabet and 1-20. They are great quiet time toys, but I like them even more as adult guided lesson. Jenni is able to work on it fairly independent, but when I sit with her I'm able to reinforce the sounds and get her to... Continue Reading →


Now that Hazel is in school, I've joined the league of parents making lunches! No, I don't think it's a badge of honour, but we're making it through 😂 The middle two and I have been baking and experimenting with Hazel's lunch. Today, we are making broccoli cheddar muffins, I think they will be a... Continue Reading →

Thankful and grateful

When the older girls were able to speak, we stated doing "thankfuls" at night. Basically, between prayers and "Lullaby Moon," the girls tell us what they are thankful for that day. Usually, they rhyme off whos (everything from grandparents to babysitters to the mailman), but, hopefully, it helps them learn to be aware of all... Continue Reading →

Lacing Cards

Fine motor skills can be a pain in the butt to work on... who wants to use beads or fruit loops or place small pompoms onto glue drops? But, one of my favourite ways to work on fine motor skills is with lacing cards. Hazel got some for Christmas last year and they have been... Continue Reading →

Play Doh!

Jennifer's favourite thing is play doh, no question. She would (and does) play with play doh for hours! Did you know that play doh makes shape and learn kits? (Spoiler, it does!) There was a sale over the summer so I picked up a couple of kits for Jennifer to help with our "homeschooling". The... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Preschool

So,Hazel started school today (first, 3 kids is so much easier than four). Which means Jenni started homeschool preschool! She will go to a kindergarten's coming program once a week (2.25 hours) at the rec centre, but I'll be doing more structured work with her as she's not going to a regular preschool program. (JD... Continue Reading →

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