Thankful and grateful

When the older girls were able to speak, we stated doing “thankfuls” at night. Basically, between prayers and “Lullaby Moon,” the girls tell us what they are thankful for that day. Usually, they rhyme off whos (everything from grandparents to babysitters to the mailman), but, hopefully, it helps them learn to be aware of all the people and things they have to be grateful for.

I also do thankful/pray for people during my prayers. I ask God to help people I love, and those that I don’t, and help me to be a more kind and patient person (usually for me it’s mom/wife, I’m far from without daily meltdowns).

I’ve also been adding “daily thoughts” to my morning routine, using the book below.

I’ve been wanting to start journaling, and this seemed like a good fit to get me going. I use it first thing in the to help set me up with a positive, thankful attitude (it doesn’t always work).

Regardless, I’m hopeful that my actions teach my kids to try and be grateful and thankful for all that we have in our lives!

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