Two months!

It’s hard to believe we’re a week away from having a 2 month old, a 17 month old, an almost 3.5 year old, and a 4.5 year old!

Everyone is doing well! Including me and JD. Not everyday is easy, but we’ve got a good routine starting and all the kids are getting a good amount of time with mommy and daddy.

Hazel seems to be the only one asking for “special mommy or daddy time” – read alone time. So, we’re trying to be aware and give her those moments. She has no memory of being an oldest child (I asked, she doesn’t). She’s super helpful with fetching things or talking to her siblings when I’m busy.

Jenni is just as hilarious as always, gushes randomly putting things in her mouth. I don’t think this is the baby, but part of the no more thumb sucking trail. When she stopped sucking her thumb she started sucking her fingers from time to time. After she stopped sucking her fingers I seem to find her with random things in her mouth that she was chewing on. To help with this I picked her up a few teething necklaces [also known as fidget necklaces for older children] to give her something that she’s allowed to put in her mouth when she feels like she needs to. I don’t believe that she knows she’s doing it because when you catch her in the the act she generally doesn’t even know she’s doing it. The necklace seems to be helping! She’s getting a little more helpful, but is still pretty wrapped up in her own world, as 3 year olds should be.

Martin is super cute with Eleanor, but he’s also a monster! I swear he grows inches every nap! For a kid who is a bit of a bull, he’s gentle with Eleanor 90% of the time. He gets handsy and a but aggressive when he’s tired. He also started “talking” to us. He spits out full sentences, and is so sure of what he is saying, just no one else is! Between that and his yes head-bob, he’s pretty adorable. (But I am biased.)

And what is there to say about Eleanor? Well, she sleeps, eats, and poops, so she’s right on track!

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