Reasons why….

The reason why my kids are always being told to tidy up This was from barely any play time this morning! What happens when I have things to get done!

Waiting Blues

Jenni and Hazel have been swimming back-to-back all week. This leads to very bored little girls! How to beat the waiting for swimming to start (or end) blues? I've got a sticker book for that! From Dream Jobs to King Arthur to ABCs and 123s, there’s a sticker book for everyone! Today the girls have... Continue Reading →


Hazel starts school this year, as you know. Here are the things I'm currently finding crazy: 1) why does she need a bigger backpack? Seriously, kindergarten is keeping backpack sales alive 🙄 2) it’s only 3 weeks away! 3) I think it’s going to be harder with 3 than 4. 4) how I’m so ready... Continue Reading →

Party of six?!?!

I was just scrolling through my insta feed when one of the handles had "... party of six" as part of their handle. I thought wow, that's something... wait... that's my family! Eleanor is still little so I've yet to say party of six, plus taking 4 kids, under 4.5, anywhere where they'd need to... Continue Reading →

Books, books, books

Today the girls are looking at the Usborne catalogue, deciding what we should "ask for". Apparently, we need a lot more books! The first thing they asked for was all the "that's not my" books!

The most used phrase in our house

JD and I have always been sticklers for manners with the kids, and generally, they are pretty good... with other people. That's not to say they don't need reminders with other people, but the constantly need reminders in our house. So, the most used phrase is just a word in our house at the moment...... Continue Reading →


We love peaches, and love peach season! The hardest thing about peaches is how quickly they turn. Good thing the kids love them! Very rarely do I have to toss any these days with these three eating. What are your favourite peach recipes?

Naked bum!

Martin has a terrible rash on his bum so he's been running around naked all day in hopes of drying it out. It's hilarious watching him run away, which is a waffle run, with his bum out! Makes for extra laundry and cleaning but if it helps it's worth it. We've not had to deal... Continue Reading →

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