More about car seats…

My goodness, having a Honda Odyssey and 4 kids means there are a lot of car seat combination options! We’ve had different locations for the kiddos since Eleanor was born! Today, we moved them to what my original idea was before Eleanor was born…

Hazel in the middle with Eleanor, the seats both in their outboard positioning, and the two rear-facing convertibles in the back.

Pro: This gives me lots of space to get by Hazel to strap in the two in the third row (especially when no one is in the front passenger seat and it can be moved all the way forward)

Con: Martin has to be carried to the back row as the direction, go get in your car seat is lost on him

Regardless, everyone is properly restrained and safe in their seats, pretty much in all the seats so I can still find a new arrangement if I so choose!

Who doesn’t love options?!?!

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