Country Heat workout

30 day ago I started Country Heat. It's a Beachbody On Demand workout program. I'm happy to say I've completed it (well mostly), as a jump off point back into fitness. I say mostly, because I stared back at it when Eleanor was 3 weeks old, so I took it easy, and ramped up as... Continue Reading →

One year

I love comparing pictures from the year prior, thanks Facebook! It's always amazing how much the kids change every year!

More about car seats…

My goodness, having a Honda Odyssey and 4 kids means there are a lot of car seat combination options! We've had different locations for the kiddos since Eleanor was born! Today, we moved them to what my original idea was before Eleanor was born... Hazel in the middle with Eleanor, the seats both in their... Continue Reading →


As you know, we do a lot of reading in our house. I believe in the research that shows how important reading is for young children. As you also know, we've been working on Hazel starting to read. She's still not super excited about it, which seems strange to me, but I can get her... Continue Reading →


Two days a week, my neighbour's daughter comes over and helps with the kids. I usually send them to the park and then she hangs out for lunch or play doh or whatever! She's fantastic. She has been babysitting the kids since Hazel was just a baby. She's more like a big sister and we... Continue Reading →


Hazel has a thing about braids at the moment. She likes to braid, she likes her hair braided, just braids, braids, braids! Yesterday morning Hazel decided she wanted to braids, a bow and then another braid (or so I thought). I came up with this: Apparently, I misunderstood. As until the pictures were shown to... Continue Reading →

Naps are needed

Oh if only I could get all my kids to nap! It's a successful day if 2 nap at the same time. Yesterday, three, that's right three, napped at the same time! Jenni, Martin and Eleanor. What an exciting day!


So, I've walked lots since I went on my first mat leave 4.5 years ago. Having Eleanor and 3 other littles is proving this to be more difficult. I love our stroller but it only fits two, and I don't really want to wear two and push two, so someone is left to walk. The... Continue Reading →

I know something’s hurting…

Tonight, while in the bath. Jenni decided to try and convince her dad that something hurt, I imagine, to get a bandaid. The conversation went something like this: Jenni: something's hurting Daddy: no it's not, you're fine J: no something's hurting D: ok, what's hurting? J: I don't know, but I know something's hurting D:... Continue Reading →

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