BrainQuest Summer books

We’re not on the school schedule (as no one’s in school yet), but I picked up an activity book for each of the girls. They ended up being so much better than I expected!

Anything that has a map and a sticker chart means the girls are interested!

For each page competed, the girls get to put up a sticker. There are also outside quests for each level and “bonus” stickers for specific questions on a few pages.

The girls are so excited to put the stickers on after each page, Hazel may have competed the whole book today if I’d let her!

Hazel is working on the k to grade 1 book, Jenni is doing the pre-k to k book.

There are parts of Jenni’s book that will be challenging for her (and thus mommy) but we’ll get there! Hazel’s should be right on track with where she is for learning (not just reviewing). And Martin can hear the abcs and 123s over and over again 🙂

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