Outside or inside?

Today is the first day I’m home with all 4 all day. We made it to swimming this morning, not sure we’ll make it to Hazel’s math class tonight (it’s a bit fight and pushing two while carrying one sounds exhausting, while already being exhausted).

Well, hats off to me! (That’s right, I’m cheering for myself.) All the kids were up at 5:30am and I’m still going. Plus, I convinced Jenni and Hazel to play quietly in their room, together, for 20 minutes! It’s been ages since we’ve had that type of quiet time!

Now, the girls are trying to decide if we should be inside or outside. Jenni’s answer is always outside, Hazel, more likely then not, is inside! So, we compromised, we painted nails, on the deck, then played for, maybe 10 minutes, then went inside for activity books, and popsicles! Which will be followed by an afternoon show (an episode or two of whatever we can agree on – read, mommy picks).

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