Cloth Diapers with 2 kids, again…

One of the reason JD and I decided to have kids close together was to never get out of the diapering phase. Little did we know, Hazel and Jennifer had different plans. Hazel fully potty trained by 2.5 and Jenni was done before she was 19 months – disclaimer, we had nothing to do with Jenni training, she just decided she was done with diapers and was. To this day, I have no idea what happened, I was at work the day it happened! JD swears she just woke up that day and decided she wasn’t that young compared to Hazel, so she was going to do everything Hazel did. Moving on, we ended up being out of diapers for almost 4 months before Martin was born! So much for the best laid plans!

Anyway, we’re now back in diapers (have been for 15 months, obviously), and with Eleanor’s birth, we’re back with two in cloth. What does this mean? Not much other then I have to do laundry every 2 days (we only have enough small diapers for 2 days), and, I have 4 kids, so I do laundry everyday anyway!

The one thing I do with 2 in cloth vs just 1, is carry a diaper bag. A lot of time, when I only had Martin in a diaper, I wouldn’t take a diaper with me, if he needed a change, especially once he was older, we just went home! Now, it’s just that more likely that someone is going to need a change where ever we go! (To be fair, I should say, my plan is, I haven’t taken them anywhere yet as she’s 5 days old.)

Long story short, we’ve got our money out of our diapers! Hopefully we’ll find someone to take them when we’re done. Either selling them or someone we know taking them! There is still lots of life left in them!

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