Holding the baby

Jenni and Hazel ask to baby hourly. Jenni enjoys holding Eleanor (to a point). As with Martin, Eleanor is kind of the same size as Martin! It's a funny photo op!

One hour

One hour is the new "time to get started to leave the house. Things I have to do to get out of the house with 4kids... Feed the baby Tell the girls to get dressed Changed the baby Dress the baby Start dressing myself Stop some fighting Tell the girls to get dressed(2) Get the... Continue Reading →

July planning

Planning our July while enjoying the sunshine with the older girls! Do you need some border busters? Or want to be part of my Christmas in July Usborne Mystery Hostess Party? Let me know!!!

BrainQuest Summer books

We're not on the school schedule (as no one's in school yet), but I picked up an activity book for each of the girls. They ended up being so much better than I expected! Anything that has a map and a sticker chart means the girls are interested! For each page competed, the girls get... Continue Reading →


With a 2.5 week old, you'd think I'd be complaining about lack of sleep because of her. But, no, she not sleeping super well, but sleeping like a newborn, so totally within reason. No, Martin is being a bit of a one year old (read jerk) when it comes to sleep these days. He goes... Continue Reading →

Fairy fine motor skill development!

I sell Usborne Books, and before Eleanor was born, I purchased a few books to help with the transition (and to keep the girls busy). A set that I purchased was the sticker fairy serried (both little and regular, for Jennifer and Hazel respectively). Today, I pulled them out! The girls are loving them them... Continue Reading →

Outside or inside?

Today is the first day I'm home with all 4 all day. We made it to swimming this morning, not sure we'll make it to Hazel's math class tonight (it's a bit fight and pushing two while carrying one sounds exhausting, while already being exhausted). Well, hats off to me! (That's right, I'm cheering for... Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapers with 2 kids, again…

One of the reason JD and I decided to have kids close together was to never get out of the diapering phase. Little did we know, Hazel and Jennifer had different plans. Hazel fully potty trained by 2.5 and Jenni was done before she was 19 months - disclaimer, we had nothing to do with... Continue Reading →

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