Early Mornings

When your kids decide that 5:30 am is an appropriate time to wake, making it to 10 am is a feat! It's a good thing Martin has an adorable laugh! Also, all the toys are out, and I've caught Martin taking a "power nap" 5 or 6 times on a rogue blanket!


I expect my kids to help me clean up. Specifically the girls have to help tidy their toys and make their beds. Outside of those two responsibilities they get to play (there are some play rules for different toys and activities but that's another post!). This morning I have been trying to accomplish a fairly... Continue Reading →


If there is one thing that always drives with crazy, it's screaming. Maybe it's years of gymnastics and cheerleading, but screaming is reserved for theme parks and incredible injuries. Two of my children scream, Jennifer and Martin. Hazel does as well, but it's usually outside so it's not as ear piercing. Both Jennifer and Martin... Continue Reading →

Eat outside!

One of my favourite things about this time of year is everything can be done outside. Like, eating! And that means less clean up inside. Whether a warm day like today or a rainy day, we have options to eat outside if we want! The great big carport makes that possible. So the girls get... Continue Reading →

Park, park, park!

Yay! Park season is here! Just what every child needs. We headed to the park right after swimming for a picnic and play time. Everyone had a great time, including Martin who was ready for a nap. Likely, Martin, Jenni and I will be back at the park while Hazel participates in Math Explores this... Continue Reading →

Van reconfiguration

So the time came, where it made sense to change up the back seats to fit a a 4th car seat. This involved bringing up the extra captains chair that we've not been using. Also, because it's my birthday next week, and Mother's Day the week after that, I asked JD to clean the van... Continue Reading →

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