It’s the little things Fitbit…

I generally wear my Fitbit all day everyday (I charge it while I bathe). It doesn’t really motivate me to move more (neither does the Carrot app, but I’ll take the Scene points!), especially at 35 weeks pregnant. But I like tracking my workouts and seeing the trends.

I have a Charge HR2 which is also nice at the moment, because my heart rate can get a little high when working out and chasing children, and just in my general life!

Anyway, the thing the past month that makes me sad when I look at the data is my sleep, or lack of. Someone is always getting up (including me) and needing something at night. It’s amazing when I sleep all the way through. Plus, I’m at that point in my pregnancy where, when I have energy, I’m going to use it, regardless of time. So I’ll get into something late in the day, or early in the morning, when I should, reasonably be sleeping!

Oh well! In a few weeks I’ll be completely without sleep for some time again, so I guess this week, I’ll be grateful for the sleep I am getting!

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