Letters and Numbers

Hazel started Math Explorers at the Pickering Rec Centre this week. It’s a program for 4-6 year olds. Miss Charlene is amazing. Hazel did the Kindergarden’s Coming program last year, and what she accomplishes with the children is amazing! (Jenni starts this week!)

Hazel did well, but we’ve been spending a lot of time on letter and reading so I was a little nervous that she wouldn’t do so well. Plus being with older kids, and it being a later program, who knew what would happen…

I’m happy to say that she did well! She focused for the hour and did her worksheets (we have one to work on at home this week).

If you’ve seen any of my “school” posts you know we do lots of worksheets and individual work. Honestly, there are a few books I really like. SchoolZone has some great workbooks for preK and K (we aren’t working anything higher, obviously), and Usborne’s wipe clean books are awesome.

So, last week, we ran into Miss Charlene leaving the rec centre and she mentioned that Hazel would need to independently know her numbers without help. Well, she’s ok at that, but I’m not confident she’s got them all the time (recognition, yes, counting, yes, but writing, not 💯). So, I pulled out all the number work sheets and we got to work!

She was really good with 1-5 when I dropped her off, but we hadn’t spent much time on 6-10. We had some backwards numbers, and spent a lot of time counting and writing the number without there being an example. She did great! But, solidifying the lower numbers before moving on was important.

So, this week, that reflected in Miss Charlene’s report. She still did well with 6-10, but there were a few backwards and one upside down one. So this week, we’ll move on and work on the next set, plus get her homework done.

I can’t wait for Jenni to get started! But I’m not sure Miss Charlene is ready for Jenni! We shall see…

What is Martin doing while I sit with the girls? He’s playing with everything! Or lying on the ground sucking is thumb. Or tormenting the dog. Independently making a mess basically!

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