Personal best?

Last night I set a new personal best while checking out from the library. On top of all of the books we already have checked out, I checked out a total of 58 books. That’s right you are seeing the number correctly 58 books.

Hazel is doing really well with her reading. As such, I’ve been slowly returning the series we’ve been working on. So, I figured it was time to bring a few new series home.

Then, as I was in the “learn-to-read” section, I found a great series they can help introduce Jenn to her letters as well as numbers! That scene series also has skipping numbers addition and other fun things that I can use for Hazel. Well, one thing led to another and my stack of books ended up at 58. Thank goodness for self check out?

I understand how ridiculous this is, but, I also feel like it’s kind of wonderful. I’ve talked about my love of libraries in the past, but every time I’m there, which is a lot as I tutor out of the library, I find something new that’s really exciting and provide me another tool to help my children. Whether the learning is simply working on instilling a love of reading or an actual “skill” it’s just exciting!

I love getting to share the experience of of Hazel learning to read. Jennifer also loves books in her own way and it is so inspiring to see them pick up a book and pretend to read. I also love watching Martin play with our touchy-feely books at home. For those of you who don’t know I’m am a Usborne Independent Representative. The “That’s not my…” series is my favourite touchy-feely book I’ve found. He sits and plays, flipping through the pages. The short sentences and interactive pages make it easy to get through the whole book with him in one sitting.

Long story short, I have a ton of library books out. I keep renewing them and still take out new titles as we go! Have I mentioned how much I like the library?

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