Independence for all

We try to promote the kids being as independent as possible. They have “responsibilities” like putting away their shoes, getting themselves dresses, little things that show us, and more importantly, them, what they can do. In reality a lot of it stems from there being so many of them! If I had to dress everyone, we’d stay in pjs all day! It means we get some amazing outfits, but if they are happy, who cares.

In part of my nesting, I’ve been organizing and moving things around. We’ve been keeping the kids backpacks in the front hall closet. It’s super convenient for me, but not one else and it means that I have to put them away all the time and the backpacks take up 1/2 the space in the closet.

So, while at Ikea last week (have you heard how much I love Ikea?), I found some cute little hooks and it was a 4 pack! So while I was at work, JD put them in the back of their closets, as I asked. This means they are moving out of the closet and we’re getting some space back! They are also low enough that the kids can hang them up on their own. Another step in the independence line! Now if only they did it all on their own without reminders… maybe one day… I can dream, right?

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