Ikea Pick Up Points

So, I’m an Ikea fan, as evidence that I took all three kiddos to Ikea last week by myself… anyway, I’ve never used a pick up point, why not go an browse? (No there is no Smallville for my kids, Hazel is the only one old enough so I can’t drop here off and not Jenni, just asking for a disaster!)

That being said, I’ve thought about stopping in at the Whitby Ikea Pick Up Location, especially since they have “some selection” of items, but I didn’t want to go in the opposite direction if I still needed to go to a full blown Ikea. But today, my life changed! I found a link for some of the items stocked.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that they have the items I’m looking for (not that I need them anytime soon), but now I have an idea and can make a more informed decision on where I’d like to go.

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