So much clothing!

It was just about two months ago that I went through the kids clothes and cleaned up. Yet, here we are heading into a new season (we’ll we’re hopefully finishing second winter), and I’m back at it!

I went through their clothing in between as well, but there is constantly so much!

Every time I go through their stuff I end up with a bag or two ready for donation and I think, well I should have done that sooner!

Even after tidying the girls drawers and getting rid of some of the 10000 receiving blankets we have, every drawer and box still seems stuffed! At least I’ve started donating the things that Martin never wore so I’m not just keeping it around for the “just in case.” I mean baby 4’s “just in case” will be naked!

That being said, anyone need some wipes containers? They don’t sell the boxes at Costco anymore so I don’t need my collection…

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