Lighting Fixture!

So it was 2 years ago that we started the kitchen, and 2.5 years ago that we stared the main part of the house. But with plans to raise the house, not everything was finished so that we didn’t have a bunch of fixes to do after. One of those things was the “nest” for the dining room.

I purchased it, well over a year ago, but knew exactly what I wanted for some time. It’s from Costco (thanks Costco) and it was in stock, then not available, and when it finally popped up again, I grabbed it! Then it sat in the basement, our bedroom, and back to the basement, for many, many months.

I’ve not been pushing for it to go up. There is so much to be done, but while I was away at Nationals JD decided it would be fun to see if he could get it done. Well he didn’t quite get there, but it was done by the end of the day!

I should note that there was some electrical work to be done. So he was in the attic, running wire for part of the day. Long story short, we have 1 light fixture up in the main area of our house! Only all the rest to go!

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