Nesting the fourth time

It’s starting to like like nesting for this baby is going to be the most house-wide organizational! With the other three it was primarily getting the nursery ready, and then sometime, around 36 weeks, doing a really good clean, and then just keeping the house at that level of clean (please note, with 3 children and a dog, I said clean, NOT tidy, these ARE different things).

So far I’ve:

  • Cleaned/organized the spice drawer
  • Organized under the sink in the bathroom
  • Tidied the containers of baby/children’s clothes in the basement – not quite done, there is a few boxes in the nursery that have to be gone through and a few old gifts to be returned
  • Organized my clothing drawers and “spare” clothing
  • Oh, and finally, updated the master – ok this wasn’t nesting it just has been bothering me for a long time. And I knew that if we didn’t do it now, it’d likely be 5-7 years before we got to it (I’ll make a list of upcoming renovations another time). PS, words of wisdom, do the small projects before you have kids when they aren’t going to take much time or energy! But then, at the same time, cleaning out the bathroom (there is storage in there) was probably nesting.

What else is on my list at this point?

  • Move around the nursery, I think we’re going to move the glider into the bedroom for when baby arrives
  • Get another dresser for either Martin or the new baby to have, right now the new baby has claim to one drawer in our bedroom – lucky baby!
  • Clean up the laundry room – it’s our catch all room that doesn’t get detailed enough
  • Tidy all kitchen shelves, it’s just time, and thing we don’t use can be donated – partially complete
  • Organize the master closet
  • Organize the desk – maybe even get the artwork that’s supposed to go there…
  • Move the adult books to a shelving unit in the basement. JD, do we have another shelving unit?
  • Clean up the basement pantry (read organize)
  • Pack a hospital bag (just in case)
  • Clean all sorted baby items
  • Set up “master” nursery
  • Detail clean everything
  • Donate toys that don’t get used – in progress

Other things on the to-do list that aren’t nesting but simply mom duties:

  • Change the girls clothes over to summer, and pick up any second hand items they need to round out their collection.
  • Buy a blind for the master & install said blind
  • Get all items for home birth & postpartum mom care
  • Pack a hospital bag for everyone else
  • Give away some baby items we don’t need (the more kids I have the more I realIze I don’t need it all, at all, and I can totally use that storage space for something else!
  • Clean/disinfect all toys

Goodness, this is a long list, I should get moving on it. Good news, it’s my fourth so likely some of this won’t happen and I won’t care. I’ll just start moving things off the list and putting them on the “to-be-done-one-day” list!

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