It’s the little things Fitbit…

I generally wear my Fitbit all day everyday (I charge it while I bathe). It doesn't really motivate me to move more (neither does the Carrot app, but I'll take the Scene points!), especially at 35 weeks pregnant. But I like tracking my workouts and seeing the trends. I have a Charge HR2 which is... Continue Reading →

More outside!

Jenni would live outside if we'd let her I'm pretty sure and Martin just wants to be where his sisters are! Hazel has a good time once she's outside but doesn't seem to be her "natural" domain. So, this afternoon, after school (play date for Hazel), quiet time, mom running to the grocery store (shout... Continue Reading →

Letters and Numbers

Hazel started Math Explorers at the Pickering Rec Centre this week. It's a program for 4-6 year olds. Miss Charlene is amazing. Hazel did the Kindergarden's Coming program last year, and what she accomplishes with the children is amazing! (Jenni starts this week!) Hazel did well, but we've been spending a lot of time on... Continue Reading →

On this day…

The Facebook feature "On this day" always gives some good memories! My favourite from today. Funny story, Jenni wore the outfit Hazel has on here the other day (no, she doesn't fill it out).

Personal best?

Last night I set a new personal best while checking out from the library. On top of all of the books we already have checked out, I checked out a total of 58 books. That's right you are seeing the number correctly 58 books. Hazel is doing really well with her reading. As such, I've... Continue Reading →

Eraser anyone?

So I'm cleaning up my agenda today and need to get rid of a few penciled in items... it's at this time I realize I only have Halloween erasers! The kids aren't even in school yet, and I already don't have "normal" adult items!

An American in Paris

Yes, you may have seen the movie, but have you seen the stage show? I have, I saw it last night as one of the remaining shows in my 2017/18 Mirvish Subscription. Also known as, mommy's alone date night! The show was lovely. Visually stimulating and the dancing? Forget about it! The strength and grace... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday

In honour of cheerleading worlds, which are around the corner, here is a picture of Shay (my eldest niece) and I watching Auntie Jenn compete! You can also laugh atheists different the house looks!

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