Kleenex shares and #momtruth

I have three children with colds, and I myself have a cold. Colds are gross enough as an adult, but little humans are down right disgusting #momtruth.

There is snot everywhere, all the time! Everyone is a non-stop faucet! And the girls know how to blow their noses, but do they? No! They just blow and say “I need a Kleenex!” Sorry kid, you don’t need a Kleenex, you needed one two seconds ago, now you need lysol!

So, how do we survive colds in our house? There are a few necessities:

  1. Kleenex – my mom is nicer than me, she insists the kids need aloe Kleenex when they are sick. We go through so much that any old Kleenex will do!
  2. Humidifiers for everyone! Each bedroom, including my own, has a humidifier. They get turned on at bath time to help get the room a little less dry before bed.
  3. Warm baths and showers are a must when the kiddos are sick. It’s he only way to really get their faces clean, and I know I feel better after a warm bath or shower when sick. Ah, anytime!
  4. For Martin specifically, bibs. When he’s can’t breathe through his nose, he’s a drool monster! Bibs keep us from changing clothes 18x a day.
  5. Juice, warm or cold, and watered down to stay hydrated.
  6. Netflix/movies because you know the afternoon slump is real!
  7. Fun crafts, books and other activities to keep their minds off the colds. I’m pretty lucky here. The three kids play well together, until the afternoon slump, so I can usually leave them to their own devices and they keep each other entertained (yesterday morning the girls had been to the “pet shop” by 9am).
  8. Try to have extra patience! Easier said than done. The sick voices are sad for a few days, but then they are just winey voices! That we spend so much time trying to discourage. It’s especially Trish when mom’s got a cold and is 30 weeks pregnant too.
  9. Down time – everyone must nap/take quiet time (no different than any other day) and bed time is strictly 7pm so 8. can be recuperated.
  10. Know that the cold will pass, as will the days when they want help while having a cold. So try to enjoy the grossness of one more Kleenex because one day there will be no more Kleenex (as a person in this, I’m not sure if this should be rejoiced or sad).

Any other tips or #momtruths I should note?

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