But it’s hard!

I’ve been working with Martin to get him to start using utensils. We follow baby-led feeding with the kiddos so they don’t get purees just food they can pick up and feed them-self as soon as they start.

  • Yes, it makes a big mess (Django loves it).
  • Yes, very quickly baby eats exactly what we’re eating (thus the big mess), from curry to chilli to spaghetti, my kids have had most things before they are a year.
  • No, I don’t introduce everything this way. Sorry yogurt, I refuse to give you to a little baby and see that mess. My walls don’t deserve it!
  • Yes, it means we use less salt and sugar in the entire family’s diet. JD and I are fully capable of putting salt on something after it’s made if we so choose.
  • Yes, it makes a REALLY big.

Regardless, it works for us, that’s all that matters for introducing solid to a baby.

Anyway, back to the story at hand, Martin is developing the dexterity to use utensils at the moment. It’s the second step to making less of a mess (the first is not throwing food on the ground). Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of time. He’s used utensils for a while now, but it’s alway just been to play. Now I try and pre-load spoons and guide his hand with the spoon/fork to his mount – very rarely do we win together. And, eventually he just holds the spoon in one hand and shovels food into his mouth with the other. Outside of meal time, he gets it in and of his mouth with no problem, and he loves to hit the spoon or fork off his tray, but food on his tray is prime eating time!

I imagine Martin’s thought process is something like this:

  • Mom, why are you trying to get me to use this thing that slows me down?!?!
  • Mom, that’s hard, I just want to eat.
  • Not this again! Mom just let me eat!
  • I don’t care what other people are doing! I’m my own person!

Ok, maybe not quite like that, but it’s pretty funny to imagine.

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