Does it ever end?

So if you follow along here, you know I like to be a pretty organized person, I’m not always successful at it, but I’m pretty good.

I keep an electronic calendar that is shared with JD, a paper planner (don’t get me started on it, I will gush), and then an overall calendar on the wall in the house. Don’t ask if any of this keeps JD informed, the answer is no (sorry babe). I still have to tell him close to the date of anything what’s going on.

I’m 29 weeks pregnant now – the end is near! Can’t wait to meet this little one, s/he is shaping up to be as busy as the other three! But, the calendar doesn’t stop between now and baby’s arrival!

Just at work alone we’ve got extra shifts to be covered due to competitions, competitions themselves to be attended, gym showdowns, banquets, placements, clinics, team announcements! It’s all super fun! Then at home we’ve got Easter & 3rd birthday parties, gym, other birthdays, trying to keep up with family, seeing people more than every 8 weeks. A few minor renovations – finishing the paint job and slight upgrade to the master bedroom, I’ll give you an update later. As well as putting a new roof on the house. Plus, two kids that know what it’s like to add a new baby and as such need some extra attention from mom over the next couple of months (some one always wants me to lay down with them at bed time – anyone have a clone or Theresa’s sized body pillow?). And to put a nice bow on it all at the end, baby 4’s arrival!

Long story short, we’ll all be tired, but we’ll all make it! I think I feel the worst for Martin, he has no idea what’s coming! But, seeing as the pullout couch is where JD and I are sleeping while the bedroom is a disaster, Martin and I had a good snuggle (he slept) Sunday afternoon. He’s pretty awesome, most of the time!

Well, that’s the next 10 and a bit weeks, I wonder if the next 18 years will have a break in it at some point? Likely not!

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