Last at the dinner table

It doesn’t matter what we are having, Jennifer is always the last at the table. And that’s saying something because JD is a slow eater!

She takes her sweet time, chewing every bite so much, I’m convinced any other human would gag!

Not only is she slow, but she’s like a gong show at the same time. “Jenni eat a bite of (insert any dinner item),” is followed by picking up her fork, putting it back down, taking a drink, fiddling with her hair, just about anything she can think of! If she had a napkin, I’m sure she’d blow her nose and then put the food in it after it went in her mouth!

That being said, she still is, generally, a very good eater. She’s got a thing about broccoli right now, but everything else she’s usually good to try.

Just in case you’re wondering, she takes her time with breakfast and lunch, there just isn’t something coming directly after usually! Maybe I should move dinner time to 3pm, give her lots of time to eat! I did read a great article about dinner at 3pm, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense! Especially since JD doesn’t come home wanting to eat normally, so why not!

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