How to be a good future home seller

So, we’ve done most of the work in our house, with some help here and there (I can count off on one hand the number of times we’ve paid someone to do something).

Through it all, there a few “rules” I’ve come up with to make sure future home owners of our house don’t curse your name.

  1. Never paint over wallpaper. It’s just terrible to take off!
  2. Don’t wall paper over wall paper. No one wants to take off multiple layers of wall paper (we had as many as 4 layers in the girls room).
  3. Don’t use black “glue” to put on your wall paper – it doesn’t come off!
  4. Masking tape and electrical doesn’t make us trust you.
  5. Junction boxes hidden in walls = no no

Things to do to make future home owner like you (or really just not think of you).

  1. Hide fun things in the wall, bonus points if it’s money.
  2. Try to clean up the walls before you leave. Patch holes, if you’ve done fun stencilling or designs, even them out and make the wall a solid colour
  3. Attach all trim to the wall (if it’s just sitting against the wall, it’s not so useful)
  4. Above all, don’t do something that you wouldn’t like to find later!

What have I missed?

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