What are you doing?

One of the greatest thing about having 3 kids that are all very young is that they like to play together! Not always, but more often than not, if I’m cleaning, or cooking, I can look up and yell “where is everyone?” and they are all together in the girls room (the more likely yell is “where’s Martin?” and the answer is “he’s with us”). I find it adorable that Martin really seems to like being with his sisters! He still plays by himself from time-to-time, but he likes company. Makes sense, the kids are really never alone.

Now, don’t get me wrong the girls fight like cats and dogs at times, but they really do get along. Partially because Jenni is ok having the leftover toys.  But they seem to be best friends, but don’t ask them, because they’ll tell you they are sisters not friends.

JD and I have talked about Martin and the new baby interacting, he is so different from Hazel as a little, and is used to having to try and “stay alive” with the girls around. Hopefully baby 4 is as resilient or s/he may spend a lot of time in a play pen for safety!

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