28 weeks pregnant

Third trimester! Huzzah!

I’m almost at my favourite point of pregnancy, where I get to count down the number of times I’m going to clean the bathroom before the baby comes – yes this is a thing and with 2 kids who use the bathroom all day and a third in diapers, it happens multiple times a week.

What are other things I get to look forward to now?

  • Hazel asking me multiple times a week if I’m pregnant and if I was ever pregnant with her – this was our dinner table conversations last night.
    • The best part was when she thanked me for being pregnant with her before!
  • Cooking all kinds of freezer meals
    • Ah, another blog post idea!
  • Martin has a seat for the next 12 weeks
    • Side note, he’s not very good at wrapping around the side bump anymore
  • Washing baby clothes!
    • Figuring out where said baby clothes will go… maybe I’ll go from 6 to 5 drawers for a bit
  • Nesting (sort of)
    • I feel like the house is usually pretty clean, and I don’t think I can do anything to stop the daily disaster with the kids so, at some point, I’ll get the bottom layer of everything scrubbed and just keep tidying the things on top
  • Child snuggles with the bump
    • This is a finicky task with three, because someone is always trying to lie on top of me (read, all three are trying to lie on top of me), so there ends up being a lot of pressure, and at some point baby 4 says “enough” and tries to beat up the other three from inside – this is always unsuccessful.
  • Seeing my midwife more often
    • Everyone is so lovely at the office
  • Hiding the good snacks so JD and the kids don’t eat them!
    • Creative hiding places

Oh and…

  • Knowing we get to meet s/he soon!

What are things that you liked about the third trimester?


A few last minute notes:

  1. Yes, I’m only 28 weeks pregnant
  2. No, the due date isn’t wrong
  3. Yes, the other three with me are mine
  4. Yes, I am fine doing whatever it is I’m doing, likely, if I don’t do it, it’s not going to get done

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