They get so big

Martin is one! Where has the time gone?

He was my biggest baby (although he didn’t seem it)! At 9lbs 2oz, he was huge in my opinion (girls were 7lbs2oz and 7lbs13oz).

He arrived in the middle of the day, very considerate of him, and had the cutest little cry. It sounded more like “oh I’m sorry to bother you, but I could use some assistance” versus “MOM NOW!” Note: he doesn’t still cry like that, it’s much more annoying and loud.

As any parent with more than one child will tel you, they are all completely different. I knew him right away but knew there was so much more to know. The girls still seemed to show us more of themselves quickly, I still feel like we’re getting to know him!

He’s a sweetheart. Loves to be held, but is completely independent at the same time. He’s the worst baby to change, but super darling at the same time. Such a pretty boy who keeps up with the girls. He likes to read and nap and run around, I think he’ll be keeping up with the two bigger ones on the playground this summer!

I’m excited to see him as a big brother in a few short months and see the little person he becomes!

I was really sick right before his birthday so daddy bought him a whole cake on his actual birthdate. The girls really enjoyed their pieces! As did he!

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