Throwback today!

Look at how little Hazel is, this is from two years ago when we moved Jenni into her big girl car seat. So many things have changed! 1) The truck is gone 2) Hazel doesn't look like a baby 3) Hazel forward faces in a 5point harness (Martin is in her convertible seat now). While... Continue Reading →

Baby’s first picture

Hazel starts to pull her bag apart Tuesday morning. "Mom I have something to show you!" "Can't wait! What is it?" "It's a picture of my family." "Oh, who's who?" "This is me, this is my sister, this is my brother and that is the new baby. I stared to work on you but didn't... Continue Reading →


So, I'm making dinner tonight. And I've jumped outside to do some barbecuing when I come back in, literally 30 seconds after I've stepped out to find JD on the phone with Hazel. Yes, that's right, my 4 year old picked up th iPad and called her dad. My guess is Siri helped!

Kleenex shares and #momtruth

I have three children with colds, and I myself have a cold. Colds are gross enough as an adult, but little humans are down right disgusting #momtruth. There is snot everywhere, all the time! Everyone is a non-stop faucet! And the girls know how to blow their noses, but do they? No! They just blow... Continue Reading →

But it’s hard!

I've been working with Martin to get him to start using utensils. We follow baby-led feeding with the kiddos so they don't get purees just food they can pick up and feed them-self as soon as they start. Yes, it makes a big mess (Django loves it). Yes, very quickly baby eats exactly what we're... Continue Reading →

Yoga is where it’s at

I'm now (almost) 30 weeks pregnant with baby 4. Pregnancies 3 and 4 have had more aches and pains than the first two. Generally, I put that to the other children, not my aging body - I mean come on, I'm not 30, yet! I'm finding that my back is quite sore these days if... Continue Reading →

We do go out!

Things I love about Facebook memories: I get to see even smaller versions of my kids - if it's possible, they were more cute (and likely less annoying) I get proof that I used to be fun from time-to-time! This week, I had the last, going to say, "real" date that JD and I had... Continue Reading →

Does it ever end?

So if you follow along here, you know I like to be a pretty organized person, I'm not always successful at it, but I'm pretty good. I keep an electronic calendar that is shared with JD, a paper planner (don't get me started on it, I will gush), and then an overall calendar on the... Continue Reading →

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