New Baby Worries

I read a Facebook post once about concerns you have with each addition child, I thought I’d update that for the 4th one…

First Child Worries:

  • What’s the best stroller/car seat/carrier/etc.?
  • Where will our baby sleep
  • We need to baby proof my house… NOW!
  • Am I eating the best I can for my child
  • Breast versus bottle
  • Birth – a beautiful birth plan is made
  • If you’re a planner – daycare
  • What shall we call this child?
  • How will we keep my child safe?
  • How will we feed my baby as they get older? When will we introduce solids?

Second Child Worries:

  • Will my first adapt?
  • We need a name to go with the first… a little more difficult…
  • Sleeping arrangements?
  • Mild concern about food intake, but more just that you are eating and not trying to just feed the first one
  • Birth – what will be different? Who will care for my first while I’m away changing their life forever!
  • How many hand-me-downs can I get?

*Notice the change from we to I

Third Child Worries:

  • We have to name another one? I don’t get them right anyway, what about “you, in front of me”
  • Food, but what the first two are eating and gobbling up their leftovers
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Birth plan – have the baby, find someone crazy enough to watch 2 kids, possibly overnight, at a moment’s notice
  • How are we (mom and the kids) going to go anywhere?

Fourth Child Worries:

  • Yup, we’re crazy, everything else we’ll figure out as we go…


  • *Slur of profanities* We should have thought of a name before deciding to have another one…

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