Learning to Read

I’ve started to work, specifically, on Hazel learning to read. She can recognize all her letters, loves listening to stories, and is doing really well with comprehension. But she seems less than interested in trying to read words. Anyway, I push on!

I’m using a few different book sets:

Scholastics First Little Readers

This is the set that I’m having the most success with. Each book is seven pages and does a great job reiterating the same sight words. It’s been easier to get Hazel excited about these books and the new ones. There are two level, A and B and I’m just borrowing them from the library.

Usborne First Reading Library

This set is also great. There are three levels in it and green have some great basic sight word where a parent reads part of the book and the child reads part. Great for interaction. They are 26 pages long so that seems to get Hazel a little disinterested, she’ll sit and listen, but doesn’t want to keep reading he whole time.

Usborne New Phonics Readers

These are hilarious stories that totally catch the kids attention (all three) and they laugh at, over and over again. They are memorization not so much reading, but when I get her to look at the words I think it still counts at times!”

Jenni is also working on sounds and letter recognition and we’re using a few books series from the library.

Animal Antics A to Z

These are also phonics based and pretty funny! They are very cute and each book has fun facts and activities in the back!

Super Sandcastle It’s the Alphabet

These aren’t my favourite but I like the repetition, breakdown and summary in each book. They also have a big picture of the letter which is nice for first recognition and tracing.


What have you used with you kids? What did you like? What didn’t you? What worked? What didn’t?

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