Reno update

Oh my goodness! It’s only taken 5.5 years but we’ve done it… the last panelling and wallpaper that has to be taken out (that not just being ripped off the wall with drywall), is…. gone!

As I said last week I decided to do a minor reno in the master. And that meant it was time for me to get started!

Over the weekend I removed the wall paper. Yes, it’s even more beautiful in person… it was a little nerve wracking because under wall paper in this house we’ve found… more wall paper (4 layers in one room) and black glue under another! But luckily it was just a yellow colour.

Now it’s paint colour selection for me! Im not replacing any furniture (not in the budget) so it will all be black. *I may be replacing our bed, but that’s a whole other story if it comes to fruition.*

After multiple Pinterest nights I think I’ve settled on a navy accent wall and geige/gray/cream other walls. And, of course, there is no time like the present so, Jenni, Martin, and I head to the local hardware store to look at paint colours and purchase some samples. It takes me a while to come up with a plan but once I do I usually stick with it.

We get home. Start the kids on some lunch and I paint some sample swatches! Two navy’s, a cream and a grey (in picture order, denim, sand beach, indigo batik, perfect greige, and another sand beach).

I have a lot of grey in my house so I’ve been trying to stay away from it, but I LOVE ❤️ grey! The sand beach is also very nice. Who knows what I’ll settle on, leave it for a few days, paint a bigger sample depending on how I’m feeling and go from there!

Next steps, before any painting can happen:

  1. JD has to finish the window (thanks babe!) It was never finished when we replaced it, 5 years ago.
  2. Pull off the old trim.
  3. Some minor electrical work – another JD portion.
  4. Fill all holes in the wall, JD is very particular about this, I’m getting there but no where near the level of JD.
  5. Take the tv off the wall and cut some holes to put wires behind it.
  6. Then we can paint: ceiling, walls, doors and replacement trim.
  7. Pick out a ceiling fan (found two beautiful ones today, but out of the budget, but I may splurge as I’m not getting my bathroom until after the basement in done, in day 5 years) and install it.

Very excited! Will be nice to clean up our room a bit. There will be more to do when we do the bathroom/closet but again, that’s 5 years away!

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